When Will It Be Your Turn?🌼

Excerpts from ‘The Element of Surprise’ are used within this article

~Sarah Jakes Roberts

Our ultimate objective in life usually has a few parameters. People will say, okay that person has finally established themselves and they have some type of stability in their life now. There are some markers that sociologically, people believe are markers of stability and you have probably been asked some of these questions; “Are you married yet?”, “Do you have children?”, “Did you graduate?” and so on.

Stability is a bit of an illusion because even when you’re married for example, your marriage goes through changes. You start off newlyweds then maybe you become parents, maybe someone gets laid off. The context of marriage itself is supposed to be a place of stability but anyone that has been married recognizes that your marriage may be stable but life is always changing and transforming around you which has the ability to shake your marriage. I wonder if we are doing a disservice to people by always asking them about these markers of stability. Whether we have our degrees or children. Stability is an illusion in a world that promises change.

What’s more important than finding stability is finding adaptibility. The greatest marker of success is how well you adapt in situations. What if we’re trying to have stability when what we really need to be looking at is “Can you adapt with me”, “Can you grow with me” or “Are you only ok when things are stable?”

The idea is to not need something to be a certain way for so long that you miss the opportunity to adapt. You learn more about yourself when you adapt. You have to know how to function in different settings. The substance does not change but your delivery has to change. Take a minute to learn the role of who you would like to see yourself as, how do people who are successful in a similar role walk or talk. Be silent long enough to learn where you want to be. Don’t try to prove why you deserve to be in that role. Ask God to show you how to influence the rooms you want to be in through this role.

Maybe you have been working your butt off, giving life your absolute best. Whether that be through working multiple jobs, reading your Bible, attending church when you can, or maybe you even held off on giving someone a piece of your mind and instead chose to remain at peace and give it to God. Yet, when you look at your situation you are still not seeing the change you desire. Whatever you are praying to God for still has not shown up and at this point you are probably feeling a bit frustrated. And you’re most likely asking God where is he in this situation and why has nothing changed. Allow me to give you some mental clarity.

It’s great that you have been working on all of that but now, there’s just one more thing that God is asking you to do and that is to make room for him to bring in the rewards of your hard work. What does that mean? You are going to have to remove some toxic relationships that are no longer serving you, you are going to have to address any mental health issues you have been dealing with like depression, you are going to have to dive deep within you to heal inner child wounds that are still unhealed because God is on his way.

He needs you to make room down on the inside of you so that he can give you strategy, creativity, and wisdom for the territory assigned to your name. God is saying “you are going to be bound in every area of your life until you decide to make room for him.” God cannot bring you into your purpose (which has your blessings attached to it) until you are in the right relationships, the right endeavours, and you have wholeness.

God is calling you to take territory for your loved ones so that wholeness, that breakthrough, and that healing energy will become apart of your family. If you do not clean out the junk that is in you then you cannot lay hold of the blessings God has for you.

The enemy has been taking territory in your life and your mind for too long. God is saying “you have the power and the ability to take that territory back and it starts with a spiritual awakening.”

God is saying “whatever the enemy has stolen from you, it doesn’t have to be gone forever. Believe it or not, that I can help you take back everything that has ever been taken from you but you have to stop waiting on somebody else to do it. You have to stop waiting on someone else to fix you, waiting on someone else to heal you and be your miracle. You have to stop making excuses like “When I get married then I’ll be whole” or “When I get the job then I’ll be ok.”

God is saying “you are putting too much weight on other people. You are putting weight on how you need others to show up in your life when I put weight on you. I put victory, power, annointing, strategy, wisdom, creativity on you. So stop waiting on someone else to be your hero and grab your own cape.

I want to give you 4 things that are going to help you:

When life begins to shift, it makes us focus on finances and fear etc. but God says I am a God of surprises. You may hear what people are saying but keep the thought in mind that you are waiting for God to show up.

Once you have done everything you can, all you can do is wait to see what God has planned.

Next, starts with what we hear. That is why you cannot be going back and forth with things you have been thinking about and allowing yourself to become distracted. You need to accept the unpredictable and clear out things to hear God.

The kingdom is under sieze. You are thinking this is how it’s going to end with you being lonely. The presence of discouragement is not the absence of victory. What you are feeling right now is natural to this journey. Your opponent (the enemy) has to think that they are in the lead until God switches it then that sieze is not going to be an end.

You tell hell that you have spiritual authority given to you by God!

Manifest this powerful affirmation into your life🙏
Walk in your spiritual authority!✨
Thanks for reading!💋

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