The 7 Pieces of the Armor of God💖

Fortunately, we don’t have to leave our homes every morning dressed like knights in shining armors. Although the armor of God is intangible, it is very real and when utilized correctly can be relatively beneficial to our survival in this world.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

~Ephesians 6:12

As believers residing in a sinful world ruled by Satan, we are in constant warfare. Not necessarily with flesh and blood (other humans), but in the spiritual realm with evil spirits. Before we were born, God assigned each of his children a guardian angel whose job is to protect us from harm through the duration of are life.

However, Satan also assigned demons to each of us before we were born because he knows the amazing things we have been appointed to do in service of God. These demons’ job are to destroy us so that we cannot assist God in winning souls for the kingdom of heaven. Satan will go to great lengths to tempt us into sinning against God, luring us to our fatal detriment.

Why?—Well for starters his mission here on Earth is to steal, kill, and destroy. Satan despises God for his power and despises us for the unconditional love that God has for each of us despite being born into a world of sin.

When we give into these temptations and sin, we lose something of value. The consequences of sin can hurt us mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and at times even physically. In turn God also feels this pain, just like a concerned mother or father would for their injured children because he’s connected to us spiritually.

We see a perfect example of how Satan can tempt us fairly easily into doing things that we know God would not approve of; Through the story of Adam and Eve. Although Satan approached Eve as a snake he manipulated her into believing that he was someone she could trust, he convinced her that she was somehow entitled to what she desired, then wrapped it up in a pretty box and a great big bow as if she would miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime if she didn’t eat the fruit from the tree in that instant.

The entire situation seemed so innocent and harmless in Eve’s eyes, yet the consequences of disobeying God’s commandments were unfavorable.

God will warn us before destruction. It’s ultimately our choice, whether or not to listen and heed to his warnings. If we choose to do something anyway despite his warning, he will allow us to experience the consequences of that choice (karma). He is showing us tough love, disciplining us, and holding us accountable for our own actions.

A Couple Ways That Satan Tempts Us:

#1: The Lust of Flesh.

When he tempts us with the lust of the flesh, he points to a natural desire and suggests that we should immediately fulfill it in our own selfish way. Eve’s natural desire for food was not wrong, but it became a sin when she fulfilled it in an ungodly way.

Tim Burton’s 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Boy was this character spoiled😄

#2: The Lust of the Eyes.

Our eyes play a major role in our decision-making. We see something we want and our eyes make it look more delightful than it actually is. Our flesh then agrees that we must have it. Eve’s eyes challenged God’s commandment because her eyes triggered a part of her brain that caused her imagination to run rampant; Further leading her to fantasize about the taste of the fruit and ultimately taking action upon that fantasy.

#3. The Pride of Life.

Eve’s desire to be made wise led her to sin. In her pride, she rejected God’s right to rule over her and chose instead to make her own decisions. She became her own God once she did this. As humans, we tend to give more consideration to pleasing people than to pleasing God. When we’re attempting to impress the world, we’re telling God indirectly that the world’s opinions of us are more important than his.

Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body. Although this is a horror movie, it actually has some pretty good spiritual messages within it that can further help you visualize how Satan employs each of these temptations to make us sin.

Here Are the 7 Pieces of the Armor of God:

#1. The Belt of Truth.

Truth grounds us and reminds us of our identity in Christ Jesus. We can find truth in God’s word. We must know this truth to protect ourselves against the temptations of our flesh, the world, and Satan’s lies.

  • Set aside at least 5-10 minutes of your morning to talk with God about anything that is on your mind. Topics can range from goals you want to achieve for the day, any concerns you have, thanking him for what he has already blessed you with etc.
    • God absolutely loves bonding with us! Our heavenly father wants to be apart of every single daily task we do, even the most minuscule tasks like doing our hair.
  • Dedicate at least 15-20 minutes of your time to study his word. No matter what you’re struggling with, there is a scripture to point you onto the right path.
    • Google Search: “scriptures about ___”
#2: The Breastplate of Righteousness.

Righteousness – Acting in accord with divine or moral law; Free from guilt or sin.

God has gifted each of us with his righteousness. Though, we were not designed to possess righteousness of our own because we were born into a sinful world, we must choose to do right at all times. Living an upright life, rooted in God’s word is powerful in protecting our heart, killing our flesh, and defeating the enemy.

  • Pick out righteous activities in your life that empower and strengthen you.
    • e.g. forgiving others, choosing to be kind when other people are rude or disrespectful, asserting yourself in a manner that does not harm another person, being more patient, offering a helpful hand, standing up for other people, staying humble, displaying love in everything you do etc.
  • Pick out unrighteous activities in your life that weaken you.
    • e.g. bad habits that no longer serve you or the people around you, harmful thinking patterns, showing arrogance or superiority, consuming large amounts of substances (alcohol, drugs, tobacco) etc.
  • Before you do anything questionable ask yourself this, “Would God approve of this?”
#3: The Gospel of Peace.

We have peace in knowing we are secure in what Jesus has done for us. He is our firm foundation.

  • Remind yourself daily as to why you believe in God.
    • Has God ever blessed you with something you asked for in a time of need?
    • Have you experienced a miracle in your life that you know could only be because of the great works of God?
    • Don’t forget those moments in life when God had your back because that is your proof; Those moments prove, not only that God is real and always ready to help us through our hardships, but also it’s a reminder of just how powerful and awesome the God we serve is.
  • Encourage others by sharing your testimonies.
    • A lot of times we may not want to share our own personal stories of how Jesus brought us out of certain circumstances.
    • I get it. There are people in the world who will judge you based on the smallest actions you make, but did you ever think that maybe those people are simply projecting their own insecurities onto you? We’ve all been through hardships after all. Some of us are just brave enough to voice them despite what others may think.
    • Yes, it’s easier to allow people to think that we are perfect people with impeccable reputations, and spic & span clean backgrounds but what good does that serve the world if we are all hiding behind a mask?
    • People need to visually see or audibly hear that what they are going through has already been dealt with by someone who initially thought, they too did not hone the inner strength needed to overcome that hardship. Through the power of God, that hardship was not only conquered but slayed to the point of no return.
    • Satan may have been on the sidelines brainstorming for the next attack on you, but then he turned around and you were already restored. God took back everything the devil stole and gave it back to you ten fold. All Satan could do was watch you in absolute shock and fury.
    • This is what God wants to do for all his children but he can achieve this a lot faster through us. If we become brave enough to share our testimonies with others, to pick our brothers and sisters up when they are down instead of leaving them where they are to suffer by themselves; We can truly help more people reach God.
  • Be a role model for others.
    • The way you carry yourself in life will be seen by many.
    • When you carry yourself with the fruits of the spirit, people will notice who is walking with you and in change will want to know more about who God is.
#4. The Shield of Faith.

When the battle rages, we must have faith that God works all things out for our good. He is always true to his promises.

  • Remember God’s promises to us and declare them over your circumstances.
    • Here are 5 of the many promises of God:
      • He gives strength to the weary.
      • He will give you rest.
      • His love never fails.
      • He has redeemed you.
      • He will fight for you.
  • Faith is strongest when 1 or more band together in prayer over a circumstance.
  • Our faith doesn’t even have to be enormous for God to answer our prayers; He says if we would just have faith the size of a mustard seed, that’s enough for him to take positive action in our lives.
#5: The Helmet of Salvation.

Salvation – Deliverance from sin and its consequences.

Without the helmet of salvation, all other armor will be deemed useless. Salvation empowers us to fight. It protects us in our weaknesses, when we sin and the consequences from sinning are formidable. Without salvation, there is no victory and definitely no peace.

  • When we surrender our lives to God we allow him to cleanse out the old in us, renew our minds, and gift us a new life; One free of past sins. We become eternal in God. As a believer, you have accepted that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Therefore, not even death can defeat us. In dark times, our salvation will light the way and carry us home.
  • Feed your mind with spiritual food throughout the day.
    • e.g. sermons, bible verses, positive declarations over you and your loved ones
#6: The Sword of the Spirit.

Our sword is the word of God. All other pieces of armor protect us from attacks. God’s word assists us during battle against demonic forces and defeats all enemies.

Jesus used God’s word to defeat Satan when he was tempted in the desert, with no food for 40 days and nights. We must do the same when Satan tempts us.

  • Memorize the scriptures you’ve been studying.
  • When a thought pops up into our mind that sounds pessimistic or something strange that we wouldn’t normally think, rest assured it’s most likely Satan.
  • God is love and everything he does or says is out of love. He will never tell us something negative about ourselves, he will never tell us anything hateful, he will never put us down. He gives us constructive feedback not downright pessimism.
  • It’s imperative for us to be fully aware of our identities through Christ Jesus, so when Satan tries to come after us we can stand up and refuse to accept his lies by stating:
  • “No, that’s not true. God says I’m (truth) in (scripture)”.
#7: Prayer.

We show our reliance upon God when we pray to him, knowing that he will act and move in our lives the way we need him to.

  • Pray throughout the day from the moment you wake up to the moment you lay your head down to sleep at night.
  • Sometimes throughout the day I just have small conversations with God personally, especially when I’m about to do something that makes me really scared. I feel more assured knowing he is there with me.
  • God isn’t this serious “bow down before me or get struck by lightning” type of God. He experiences emotions just like any other human. Which makes sense because he was human once incarnated through his son Jesus. With that being said, our prayers don’t have to be super formal and serious.

Now that you know the 7 pieces of the armor of God, start challenging yourself to assemble the armor in your own unique way step by step, and attempt to utilize each of the pieces within your daily life using the tips I provided. Mistakes are anticipated but that’s okay, God is aware that you’re still learning so he’s not expecting you to execute everything perfectly. As long as he sees you actively putting in the effort that’s enough to put a smile on his face🙂 So laugh it off, get back up, and try again.

Good Luck!
You got this!💪🤗
Thanks for reading!💖

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