~My Weekend Morning🌅 / Night🌃 Routines~

I know people usually do morning/night routines via a vlog but I got inspired from ‘We Heart It’ to write about my routines, rather than the cliche vloggy vlog because maybe I can get a little more creative with it. So here goes nothing!🤞😄…

°.°M O R N I N G°.°

Good Morning!

The sun rises and I am allowed, yet another opportunity to take advantage of all this beautiful day has to offer me.

Of course, this feeling usually happens after I hit snooze on my phone like 2 or 3 times, then and only then will I finally manage to roll myself out of bed😌.

Yes, my hair sometimes look this crazy😀

The first thing I do when I fully wake up is pray. I give my thanks to the Lord for protecting me the previous night and for blessing me with breath to see another day. I also ask for peace to survive whatever life attempts to throw at me that day.


I like to listen to music while I’m in the bathroom doing my morning routine. So I’ll pop in my earbuds and put on some chill music like Lizzo Juice, Money Leikeli47, SkyWalker Miguel, etc. that will usually put me in the mood to start my day. I don’t always listen to christian music like 24/7 because I’m human and I like variety too.


I pee. For whatever reason the urge is at its highest peak when I wake up in the morning.
Wash my hands. Not as extensive as Selena Gomez here. If you’ve seen this video of her, you know what I’m talking about😁
Wipe my face.
Brush my teeth.
Get dolled up with makeup & hair. Nothing too crazy, just natural makeup and a high ponytail.
Shower while singing🤩
I find something to wear that’s comfy but simultaneously makes me feel confident. The idea is to feel & look good, not look good but feel like this😂
I choose which purse I’m taking with me for the day and fill it with the essentials I’ll need.
And then it’s time to head out.
I’ll hang out with family, friends, my partner or all of the above. We might go to the mall, grab a bite to eat def, or explore some type of new adventure together.

•.•N I G H T•.•

The sun has begun to set and I make my way home so I can simmer down from the day’s fun. It’s recharge time!

When I get home, I eat my food I grabbed on my way home and watch a movie while I check up on my social medias or work on current projects.

After that, I do at least 30 minutes to an hour of some type of workout. Usually I turn to a YT video as a guide.


I like to brush my teeth first because when I’m washing my face, I don’t have to worry about potentially wiping off the skincare products I use by brushing my teeth.
Remove all my makeup.
Wash my face.
Tie up my hair.
Put on my pjs.
Once I’m all fresh and smelling good, I lay in bed and watch YT vids or I’ll talk to my partner on the phone.
Welp off to dream land💤
Thanks for reading!💋

Published by Talia

Welcome to my blog🤗 Ambivert, Christ-Follower, & Gaming Lover here! I hope my content can bring you more joyful days!

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